Where To Buy Wine, Liquor, & Beer In Montreal

Best liquor stores Montreal wine beer bars near you

We will all be going on a deep dive into where you can buy wine, liquor, and beer in Montreal together over the next few minutes. Our only real objective is to cover as much as we can in this local alcohol guide.

Kicking this off will be a list of the best liquor stores and wine shops in your area. Those that are ready to go pick up a bottle of vodka, tequila, wine, or a case of beer will be filled in first so they can get the party started soon.

Once the stores are out of the way we will get into the best local breweries and beer bars, and a list of Montreal wine bars will follow that up. Wineries and vineyards will get a shout out, and we will round this all out by mentioning some of the best happy hours near you to buy cheap alcoholic drinks after your work day ends.

Towards the end you will find an alcohol map for your area with all of the various venues we are mentioning pinned on it. You are all welcome to check out some of our other blogs about Canadian wine, liquor, and beer right there if you want.

Best Liquor Stores & Wine Shops In Montreal

Our favorite liquor stores and wine shops in Montreal to buy vodka, tequila, a case of beer, or a bottle of wine would be:

If you are not aware people who want to buy liquor in Montreal head to the SAQ shops (Société des alcools du Québec) which are state owned shops. If it says SAQ Depot you can expect it to be a huge store that offers a lot, Selection will be pretty big stores with lots to choose from, Express will be smaller shops without a lot of options, and Signature are the higher end liquor stores near you.

You can also buy alcohol at many grocery stores and smaller convenience stores. Vin en Vrac sells a selection of high quality wine, beer, liquors, and spirits in your area at affordable prices.

Veux-tu une Bière is a small neighborhood grocery shop that sells a broad variety of Quebec wines as well as beers from local microbreweries along with a variety of culinary goods.

One of the earliest import agencies in Quebec to promote and sell Italian wine products was Italvine Limitee and it has now become the industry standard for Italian wines and spirits.

Vinsensus Group is a wine and spirits firm that specializes in private importations with an emphasis on individual service, low costs, and high-quality products from world-renowned vineyards.

Breweries & Beer Bars Near You

There are some nice breweries and beer bars in town like:

Microbrasserie Labrosse has been in business since 2017 and is a great place for local beer enthusiasts.

Wine Bars In Montreal

Local alcohol guide Montreal breweries vineyards your area

Montreal wine bars are a great place to relax with friends as well as being good options for a date night:

Pullman serves premium wines near you along with aperitifs with cheeses, cold meats, and other side dishes. Numerous varieties of wines with extensive seasonal menus are available at Bar Loïc.

Ratafia prepares sweet and savory food and drinks in a festive setting. Etna Bar offers special European wines and aperitifs alongside Mediterranean bites, Italian antipasti, and Andalusian tapas.

Wineries & Vineyards In Your Area

Head to one of these wineries or vineyards near you to see how the sausage gets made:

Château Taillefer Lafon features a back terrace with a view of its vineyards and gardens as well as a medieval cellar room. Rivière du Chêne offers a stunning view of vines in all seasons where excellent local wines and gourmet foods are served. Corporate meetings, cocktail receptions, wines and cheeses, and more can all be enjoyed at Côte de Vaudreuil Vineyard.

Numerous grape varieties in a vast vineyard are showcased at Domaine du Fleuve. La Bullerie provides natural wines and delectable foods with scheduled free deliveries.

Best Local Happy Hours

You can buy cheaper alcoholic drinks if you know when and where the best Montreal happy hours are:

Local house beers and a wide selection of cocktails and wines with live entertainment and a daily happy hour in your area are all offered at Brutopia. Pub Saint Pierre also has one of the best Montreal happy hours from 5pm to 7pm serving a diverse menu of food and drinks.

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Enjoy Drinking Wine, Liquor, & Beer In Montreal

We wish we had more to share but we will try to keep this page as up to date as we can. Hopefully you learned at least a little something about all of the local liquor stores, wine shops, breweries, beer bars, wine bars, wineries, vineyards, and happy hours in your area.

Don’t be afraid to let us know if you found anything incorrect on this page in the comments, we want to keep this info as accurate as we can. Now go have fun drinking wine, liquor, or beer in Montreal.

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