Where To Buy Wine, Liquor, & Beer In Saint Petersburg

Best liquor stores Saint Petersburg wine beer bars near you

Over the next few minutes you will be going on a deep dive into where you can buy wine, liquor, and beer in Saint Petersburg. Our only real goal is to cover as much as we can in this alcohol guide.

Kicking this off will be a list of the best local liquor stores and wine shops in your area. Those that are ready to go pick up a bottle of vodka, tequila, wine, or a case of beer will be filled in first so they can get the party started soon.

Once the stores are out of the way we will get into the best breweries and beer bars, and a list of Saint Petersburg wine bars will follow that up. Wineries and vineyards will get a shout out, and we will round this all out by mentioning some of the best happy hours near you to buy cheap alcoholic drinks after your work day ends.

Towards the end you will find an alcohol map for your area with all of the various venues we are mentioning pinned on it. You are all welcome to check out some of our other blogs on wine, liquor, and beer around the Europe.

Best Liquor Stores & Wine Shops In Saint Petersburg

Our favorite liquor stores and wine shops in Saint Petersburg to buy vodka, tequila, a case of beer, or a bottle of wine would be:

Monopoly is a safe haven for connoisseurs supplying a diverse assortment of excellent liquors, wines, sparkling, champagnes, and other beverages from across the world. They have developed a Wine Masters sommelier school where both beginners and experts may learn about the tasting and production process.

Kaleydoskop Napitkov Mira is open Monday through Friday from 10am to 7pm and stocks over 3,000 different brands of spirits, wines, beers, and ciders that span the globe. Consultation services, great deals for bulk orders, and member discount schemes are all available.

Sabonis has been in business for over ten years presenting a wide range of well-known and reputable alcoholic beverages from all possible categories at low prices. They are open daily from 11am to 10pm with no lunch break and even do home delivery.

You may buy fine wine for dinner, pick a rare cognac as a gift, or order champagne for an important event at Wine Shop #1. Their cellar contains wood barrels and bottles dating back to the nineteenth century and is filled with a variety of unique and high-quality drinks from all over the world such as alcohol for cocktails, rums, whiskeys, and much more.

Alta Wines has a welcoming boutique environment with friendly personnel who will always help you pick something special and a large selection of wines to choose from. Free weekly tastings, superb vintage spirits, accessories, books, and exclusive gifts for loved ones or colleagues are all available.

If you are seeking an extensive collection of Russian wines and cognacs crafted from local grapes The Wineroom is a good option. Vino Feel is a one-of-a-kind downtown shop with a welcoming ambience that sells carefully selected wines from small organic and biodynamic craft farms. They are open daily from 11am to 10pm and can organize any event like birthday celebrations, corporate gatherings, or a candlelight chamber dinner.

Phanagoria is one of the largest wineries in the region with a full production cycle that includes seeding, growing and processing grapes, and manufacturing several types of alcoholic beverages such as stills, sparklings, ices, liqueurs, cognacs, vodkas, and juices. You can schedule a group or individual excursion to visit the cellar and sample seven different wines.

Breweries & Beer Bars Near You

There are some nice breweries and beer bars in your area like:

The Knightberg Brewery is one of the few private breweries in the country carrying a huge selection of fresh drinks and light snacks in a comfortable setting. The taproom features regular favorite beers as well as some experimental and seasonal specials made in limited quantities.

Stargorod produces four classic beers including ten, lager, black, and wheat utilizing Czech malt and yeast in traditional methods with separate and post-fermentation, no filtering or pasteurization, and no intermediate containers. They have a large assortment of whiskeys, bourbons, local craft beers, cold caves, liquors, snacks, groceries, and a wine cellar.

Wine Bars In Saint Petersburg

Local alcohol guide Saint Petersburg breweries vineyards your area

Saint Petersburg wine bars are a great place to relax with friends as well as being good options for a date night:

Formula Wine is a cozy bar where you and your friends can mingle and strike up a conversation while sipping delicious drinks and nibbling on yummy appetizers. As a democratic bar in Kolomna Sky & Wine has a wine list of over 50 options ranging from simple classics to sophisticated biodynamics as well as fantastic dishes and a breathtaking view from one of the best photo spots in the area. They are open from 12pm to 11pm Monday through Sunday.

Wong Kar Wine brings out the idea of organically blending Asian meals and wine into a chamber restaurant in the city’s historical district. They offer lunch discounts on weekdays from 12pm to 4pm and home delivery throughout the downtown area.

Best Local Happy Hours

You can buy cheaper alcoholic drinks if you know when and where the best Saint Petersburg happy hours are:

Tbilisi has an extensive bar list inspired by some of the top Georgian wineries and a great choice of food menus to satisfy all tastes and is open daily from 12pm to 11:30pm along with one of the best happy hours near you from 12pm to 4pm.

You can have a nice time with friends or just relax after a long day at the Irish pub Mollie`s Mews which has a range of alcoholic beverages and several types of food inspired by Russian, American, and European cuisine with local happy hours from 4pm to 6pm every day.

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Enjoy Drinking Wine, Liquor, & Beer In Saint Petersburg

We wish we had more to share but we will try to keep this page as up to date as we can. Hopefully you learned at least a little something about all of the local liquor stores, wine shops, breweries, beer bars, wine bars, wineries, vineyards, and happy hours in your area.

Don’t be afraid to let us know if you found anything incorrect on this page in the comments, we want to keep this info as accurate as we can. Now go have fun drinking wine, liquor, or beer in Saint Petersburg.

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